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Seme di Cannabis - Puffetta
Price:30,00 €
Seme di Cannabis - Puffetta
Seme di Cannabis - Puffetta
Seme di Cannabis - Puffetta
Quantamon Seeds is proud to integrate to its collection the new Puffetta, a new hybrid generated by the collaboration with the team of made in Italy breeders, GekoSeeds.
A new specimen mostly indica, with large leaves and a structure with close internodes, able to offer excellent results without requiring maniacal care. Puffetta is the result of the cross of the phenotype # 13 of the famous Los Angeles Gelato with Strawberry Mint, characterized by the bright pigmentation of the flowers, so strong that reaches the optimal marutation in a short time.
The terpenic profile of this new strain has sweet, fruity and fresh aromas with well balanced notes of strawberry and mint!
Plunge into the fantastic world of the Smurfs right after the first taste.

Scheda tecnica

Seme di Cannabis - Puffetta
Puffetta x1 1 seed
11,00 €
Puffetta x3 3 seeds
30,00 €
Puffetta x5 5 seeds
50,00 €
Puffetta x10 10 seeds
80,00 €
Puffetta x25 25 seeds
150,00 €


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NOTICE: Cannabis seeds are excluded from the legal notion of Cannabis, therefore they are not considered as an narcotic substance (L. 412/1974 art. 1 com. 1 let. B. NY 1961 e table I D.M.S. 11/04/06). In many countries, including Italy, the cultivation of hemp is forbidden (Art.28 and 73 DPR 309/90), therefore the use of these seeds is limited to the uses permitted by law, such as collecting, souvenirs, preservation of genetic. Companies operating in the Italian market legally sell hemp seeds with the reservation that they are not used in conflict with the law. Quantamon srl relieves itself of any responsibility deriving from the improper use of this product.