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Seme di Cannabis - Old Style Skunk
Price:10,00 €
Seme di Cannabis - Old Style Skunk
Seme di Cannabis - Old Style Skunk
Seme di Cannabis - Old Style Skunk
Skunk genetics has always been utilised as the basis for the creation of many successful cannabis strains. The one chosen by the Quantamon Seeds  is a hybrid result of the crossing of a Skunk # 1 with an "old school" Afghani and ruderalis which has produced this revolutionary variety!
The plant that derives from the Old Style Skunk seed is relatively small, has a very homogeneous structure and does not require particular attention. It produces a lavish flowering phase lasting for about 50 days.  The nature of Skunk Old Style is mainly indica and offers a mixture of  sweet and spicy aromas that blend into a pungent and pliant fragrance, a cocktail that could not be left out of the Quantamon Seeds collection.

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Seme di Cannabis - Old Style Skunk
Old style skunk x1 1 seed
10,00 €
Old style skunk x3 3 seeds
27,00 €
Old style skunk x5 5 seeds
40,00 €


  • Auto Flowering
  • Feminized


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NOTICE: Cannabis seeds are excluded from the legal notion of Cannabis, therefore they are not considered as an narcotic substance (L. 412/1974 art. 1 com. 1 let. B. NY 1961 e table I D.M.S. 11/04/06). In many countries, including Italy, the cultivation of hemp is forbidden (Art.28 and 73 DPR 309/90), therefore the use of these seeds is limited to the uses permitted by law, such as collecting, souvenirs, preservation of genetic. Companies operating in the Italian market legally sell hemp seeds with the reservation that they are not used in conflict with the law. Quantamon srl relieves itself of any responsibility deriving from the improper use of this product.